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Exchanged Visitors

Returned IV Betty Chinyamunyamu

Returned IV, Betty Chinyamunyamu presents  gift  to  Ambassador Eastham

Returned IV, Betty Chinyamunyamu presents gift to Ambassador Eastham

IV Alumni lead Food Security Panel Discussion

Public Affairs hosted a panel discussion with IV alumni on August 25 entitled “Food Security, Interventions that Work.”  Recent IV alumni Betty Chinyamunyamu, of the National Small Holder Farmers Association and Mr. James Chiusiwa, of the Department of Poverty Management and Disaster Preparedness participated in the discussion, along with Dr. Kenneth Wiyo, agriculture and food security specialist at USAID Lilongwe.  Nearly 50 participants including government officials, Members of Parliament, NGOs and civil society groups as well as diplomats and members of donor agencies.  Ambassador Alan W. Eastham welcomed participants and attended as guest of honor in his first official act after presenting his credentials to Malawi's President Mutharika.   Dr. Wiyo provided an overview of the food security situation and the USG interventions to help Malawians survive what may be the worst food crisis in a decade.  IV alumni drew on their recent experience in the U.S. to discuss both long and short term strategies for improving food security in Malawi.  In the question and answer that followed, participants agreed that all food security stakeholders should implement practical changes, for instance irrigation and smallholder crop diversification, if Malawi is to move away from the recurring food shortages.