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Mobley Drums Up an Inspirational Vision

Mobley interacting with Blantyre musicians

Mobley interacting with Blantyre musicians

Leon Mobley not only shared the wondrous rhythms of his Djembe (drum), but also gave a powerful message on the importance of discipline and commitment to achievements in the arts - - to the amazement and delight of the 45 workshop participants.  Mobley likened every human being to a drum – people’s hearts make drumbeats -- and explained how the drumness of people makes them love drums and music.

Drawing lessons from his personal life, Mobley went on to train and drill participants to develop a Vision saying “this is the time because there may not be a next time,” and urged them to develop all their skills and explore all possibilities to achieving their goals.   Mobley explained that his djembe is made neither from wood nor animal skin but from paper in order to protect the environment and wildlife. 

During his October 1 – 7 visit to Malawi, Mobley held music workshops in Lilongwe and Blantyre attended by both Malawian and international students.  He also performed at the Blantyre Arts Festival with a Malawian group (Ben Mankhamba) and with Selif Keita from Mali. Over 1500 people attended each show.  The performances showcased the universality of music and how music opens doors to understanding different cultures including American and African cultures.   

Mobley mesmerized his audiences with his drumming skills.  “We rarely host envoys that share artistry and intellectual experiences, Leon is a great asset,” Ben Mankhamba of the Zig Zaggers group.