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U.S. Remains Reliable Partner for Malawi

I as the United States Ambassador am accredited to the Government of Malawi and as such I conduct diplomacy and coordinate development assistance with the President of Malawi and Ministries.  Traditional development assistance directed at improving the lives of the people of Malawi has consistently grown over the past four years with a focus on health, education, economy growth, agriculture, environment and security.  In 2008 assistance was valued at $110 million and in 2011 at $223 million.   (This does not include U.S. contributions to international organizations such as UNICEF, Global Fund and World Bank.)  Assistance remained steady through 2011 and 2012, even though the United States had concerns about political and economic governance.   

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a unique form of U.S. partnership with selected countries that have demonstrated a commitment to governing justly, investing in its people, and creating an environment for economic freedom.  The MCC compact with Malawi for energy sector reform and infrastructure was signed in April of 2011 but following the July 2011 demonstrations and downward trajectory of political and economic governance, the compact was put on hold and then suspended.  However, following a demonstrated commitment by the Banda government to improve governance, the compact was reinstated and is moving forward.

I welcome your comments on FACEBOOK and will continue to provide information that will hopefully clarify some of the perceptions and incorrect information.