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Most Recent News

  • Shine Girls Shine

    "Shine girl, shine!" was one of the many motivational chants that could be heard echoing throughout the campus of Malawi Assemblies of God University. 

  • Cook With Less Fuel, Produce Less Smoke

    Community members are increasing their income while helping to reduce deforestation rates along the Kuti Reserve. Adoption of the energy efficient stoves is growing in surrounding communities as people learn a method of cooking that requires less fuel and produces less smoke than traditional methods.  

  • Ebola Fact Sheet

    The United States remains committed to assist African countries fight the epidemic of Ebola Viral Disease. The attached September 16th White House Fact Sheet announces a major increase in on the ground support to our colleagues in West Africa to fight the epidemic.  

  • U.S. Embassy Honours YALI Fellows

    Malawi’s returned Mandela Fellows—along with 9 alumni of previous Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) programs—took center stage at the U.S. Embassy’s Independence Day Celebration held on September 4.  

  • U.S. Embassy Supports Community Based Solutions

    Nine organizations received U.S. Ambassador’s Self-Help grants on August 20. Addressing the grantees, the Chargé d’Affaires Michael Gonzales said, “We are happy to see your commitment to uplifting living standards in your communities.  

  • CDC Malawi Supporting the Ministry of Health on Ebola

    CDC Malawi staff, in partnership with the World Health Organization and Médecins Sans Frontières,are assisting the Ministry of Health to prepare for and respond to Ebola Virus Disease from West Africa   »