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Demonstration Notices, Messages to U.S. citizens, and other important communications are disseminated to U.S. citizens in Malawi by means of email and SMS texts.  Additionally, the Embassy works with a group of volunteer wardens who assist the Embassy in rapidly disseminating official U.S. Government information to U.S. citizens in Malawi during emergencies. 

The three primary forms of communication you will receive from the U.S. Embassy are Messages to U.S. Citizens, Emergency Messages to U.S. Citizens and Demonstration Notices.  Messages to U.S. Citizens are routine but important messages such as voting news, changes in business hours, outreach trip information, or newsletters.  Emergency Messages to U.S. citizens are designed to alert American citizens to specific information pertaining to security concerns or other critical information that would affect that safety and security of U.S. citizens traveling and residing in Malawi. Demonstration Notices are a special class of message to U.S. citizens that are designed to alert American citizens to a probable demonstration over a fixed period of time at a particular location.  This information is conveyed so that you can take appropriate action to provide for your own safety and security.

You can find the most current information as well as archived messages at: Messages to U.S. citizens,  Emergency Messages to U.S. citizens and Demonstration Notices.

The Warden System is a system composed of volunteers and administered by the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Lilongwe.  We rely on dedicated individuals to volunteer to provide this invaluable service to their fellow Americans.  If you will be in Malawi for an extended or indefinite period of time and would like volunteer to serve as a Warden, please contact the Consular Officer at +265-01-773-166

To register your trip to Malawi with the embassy please go to:

We also have a SMS system in place to disseminate important information. If you want to sign up for this free service please send us an e-mail to with your cell phone number and your authorization to include your number in this system. Your mobile number will be shared with a third party that provides this service. No sensitive or personal information will be release by the embassy.